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Junior Toddler
Ages: 16-22 Months
Classroom Ratio 1:5
Steam Train -
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Our goal as your child's educators is to guide them, not lead them. We will do this by providing a developmentally appropriate and interesting program and giving them adequate time to explore, play, and interact in a safe and nurturing environment. Our constantly evolving classroom provides varying materials to our programs for toddlers to keep your child's interest and peak their curiosity.

  • Spatial awareness – begin sharing and cleaning up – being responsible for what they played with and helping others;

  • Introduction to colours, shapes, numbers and the alphabet;

  • Circle time – discuss the day's weather (hot, cold, rainy, snowy), day of the week, month, season, sing songs, tell stories, read books – thereby enhancing their vocabulary;

  • Support outdoor adventures – look for bugs, rocks, flowers, etc. – discuss colours;

  • Learn about their bodies – arms, legs, head, shoulders, belly, fingers, toes, ears, nose, eyes;

  • Fine motor skills – colouring, painting, rolling/manipulating play–doh, moving small objects;

  • Gross motor skills – dancing, exercises, running, jumping, outdoor play;

  • Support creativity – pretend play (costumes, playsets, puppets), sensory, provide resources (boxes, ribbons, markers, paint, etc.) and follow their lead in how they are used;

  • Introduce toddlers to new experiences/words – new activities, special guests (magician, fireman, policeman, ambulance/attendant, Santa Claus);

  • Independent eating – providing appropriate utensils for meal times using sippy cups, offering condiments and letting them choose their preferences;

  • Introduction to personal hygiene – washing hands.

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