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Our Centre

Our Philosophy

At Tiny Treasures we know each child is unique. We strive to provide a loving, nurturing and creative environment for children. We are sensitive to their social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs. We believe that children’s minds in their formative years are like seeds and need to be provided the right environment to flourish and grow. The two important pillars in a young child’s life at this stage are the parents/caregiver and the teachers. A child is learning largely from his/her immediate environment, an environment they feel safe and secure in. We encourage not just learning, but also the love of learning.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an inclusive, safe and nurturing environment for our children that enriches their development and empowers them to reach their full potential. We provide an environment that assists every child to learn at their own pace. We are committed to developing educational programs that guide children towards their learning outcomes in a playful environment.

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Our Philosophy
Our Mission

Our tailored programs focus on each child's unique style of learning to allow them to gain the most from experiences. Our programs also acknowledge cultural and religious diversity within our classrooms and will focus on social, emotional, creative, intellectual and physical development. At Tiny Treasures we promote non–bias and cultural understanding within our classrooms to enhance children’s awareness of, and respect for, cultural differences that exist within our society. We value each and every child and family that joins our facility and we maintain a strict philosophy on confidentiality.

We believe that a bright future starts with our Tiny Treasures.

Our Educators

Our staff is dedicated to providing your child with the best experience and education available. We provide access to training programs to ensure our educators are equipped with the best possible tools to customize programs to meet your child's needs. Our staff is, or are in the process of being, ECE certified. 


Each and every one of our educators is enthusiastic about what we do! We all share a passion for working with children. Every one of our educators has the experience and knowledge it takes to provide and maintain a wonderful learning atmosphere at our Centre. At Tiny Treasures we believe that it is important for children to have positive role models. We lead by example and model appropriate behaviours and healthy peer relationships. 

Our Facility

Located on Major Mackenzie Drive, our facility provides ample space for children to learn in a fun and interactive environment. Our two outdoor play areas are fenced with a kid friendly playground surface providing excellent shock absorption. Our toddler and preschool washrooms have been purposely built with sinks and toilets that are just right for our little Treasures. 


The facility has secured entry which is only accessible by keypad codes provided to parents and FOBs provided to staff. Admission through our locked exterior doors is only permitted by staff. It also has a security system complete with cameras in every room, hallways and both outdoor play areas. We have an emergency evacuation plan posted in every room located in the daycare facility and we routinely practice fire drills and evacuation procedures in case of a fire. Our facility is equipped with a state of the art fire alarm system connected directly to the Vaughan Fire department.

Our facility is nut free and wheelchair accessible.

Our Programs

Tiny Treasures has three different age groups, each with distinct developmental milestones. Tiny Treasures curriculum implements a blend of both High Scope learning, as well as the Ministry of Education's "How Does Learning Happen?"  These activities allow opportunities for children to work in a one–on–one situation with Centre's educators or in small or large groups with peers, to achieve step–by–step growth in all areas of their development. Our educators work with your child to develop movement skills, language, cognitive learning, fine motor skills as well as healthy social and emotional behaviour.


Our programs are constantly reviewed and revised in accordance with the latest research in child development. We encourage parents' feedback on our programs and promote open and regular communication between parents and our committed educators. By working together, parents and Centre staff can help each child develop to their full potential.


We also adopt a positive learning environment where children are praised and encouraged to the utmost extent of their ability.


Tiny Treasures is committed to providing children with a foundation of learning and developmental skills to assist them in becoming confident life–long learners.

Our programs are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual child. The programs are developed through observations on a child's social, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional and self–concepts. By building on each child's strengths and abilities, we ensure that they succeed and therefore develop a healthy attitude to learning. We aim to provide a total learning environment where children are free to observe, question, experiment and explore. Our environment is set up to allow a child to explore their world by using all of his/her senses, experiencing how things work and providing an opportunity to express his/her ideas and solve problems independently. This also encourages a child to develop new concepts and acquire critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Along with the cognitive development, we provide opportunities for a child to achieve an awareness of his/her own feelings and teach a child to express them appropriately in many different ways. Group activities and supervised interaction with other children will encourage a child to learn respect for the space and property of others and develop skills in peaceful effective conflict resolution.


At Tiny Treasures, we have also included a technology program called Tadpoles. Parents/ guardians will receive daily reports through this system that personalizes their child’s daily report based on their: 

  • diaper changes/potty training

  • how much and what your child ate

  • naps

  • milk in take

  • medication

  • photos and videos

  • activities and learning experiences throughout their busy day

​This application also features two-way communication and lots more!

Our Educators
Our Facility
Our Programs
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