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Ages: 2.5 - 4 Years
Classroom Ratio 1:8
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Our program focuses on play and play based learning while introducing children to a slightly more structured environment. Preschool programs make learning fun for children who are preparing to enter a formal education system. Our educators focus on social interaction, basic reading skills and learning through play. Our curriculum prepares young children for that all–important leap into kindergarten…and beyond.

  • Support socially acceptable behaviour

  • Learn letters and their sounds

  • Word recognition

  • Learn numbers and what they mean

  • Develop problem–solving skills

  • Support independent thinking

  • Provide lots of opportunity for imaginative play

  • Learn about emotions and appropriate ways to express them

  • Experience a variety of ways to be creative

  • Support fine – and gross–motor skills

  • Lots of outdoor play 

  • Independent dressing – getting dressed to go outside and getting undressed

  • Hygiene – wiping after potty, washing hands and brushing teeth 

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