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Senior Toddler
Ages: 23-30 Months
Classroom Ratio 1:5
Jungle Jam -
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Because of your child’s growing desire to be independent, Senior Toddlers will experience huge thinking, learning, social, and emotional changes during this phase that will help them to explore their new world and make sense of it. They will begin potty training at their own pace and we ask parent(s) to also assist with this transition.

  • Spatial awareness – sharing and cleaning up – being responsible for what they played with and helping others;

  • Introducing more colours, shapes, numbers, completing the alphabet and animals (sounds);

  • Circle time – discuss the day's weather (hot, cold, rainy, cloudy, windy, snowy, dark, bright), day of the week, month, season, sing songs, read books, story–telling – thereby enhancing their vocabulary;

  • Support outdoor adventures – look for bugs, rocks, flowers, etc. – discuss colours, compare sizes;

  • Learn about their bodies – arms, legs, back, head, shoulders, chest, belly, fingers, toes, neck, ears, nose, eyes, and their functions

  • Feelings – use words to express their needs and feelings;

  • Manners – are very important, we always use “please” and “thank you”;

  • Fine motor skills – colouring, cutting, painting, rolling/manipulating playdoh, moving small objects;

  • Gross motor skills – dancing, exercises, running, jumping, climbing, balance, outdoor play;

  • Independent eating – providing appropriate utensils for meal times using sippy cups, offering condiments and letting them choose their preferences;

  • Personal hygiene – washing hands, brushing teeth and learning how to wipe themselves after potty;

  • Independent dressing – learning how to get dressed/undressed to go outside;

  • Expand attention span – gradually increasing time spent on activities;

  • Support creativity – pretend play (costumes, playsets, puppets), sensory, provide resources (boxes, ribbons, markers, paint, etc.) and follow their lead in how they are used;

  • Introduction to new experiences/words – new activities, special guests (magician, fireman, policeman, ambulance/attendant, Santa Claus).

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